Revolutionary Conversations

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Welcome to Revolutionary Conversations, where history comes alive through engaging debates. Tune in quarterly as two Revolutionary Spaces experts passionately share their perspectives on topics related to our sites and the Revolutionary history. Click below to explore the clash of ideas and watch the intellectual duel unfold! , where two staff members share their differing views on topics related to our two historic sites.

Impact of Protest

This issue, our staff took on a question deeply related to our new exhibit and upcoming programs: “How has our idea of protest changed through history? How have these changes impacted history in America?”
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Revolutionary Conversations - Urban Preservation

Urban Preservation

Is it possible to preserve a historic space within a city? Can you preserve a city in time or does the fluid nature of an urban environment make it impossible to hold in one place?
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Revolutionary Conversations - Petitions


Members of our staff debate a fundamental question about the process of petitioning: Do petitions still have an important role to play in our democracy today?
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