Revolution Is Brewing

Immersive Role Playing Game


Games for Change Award winner of Best Civics Game, Revolution Is Brewing is a 90-minute immersive experience where students take on the roles of British subjects across the political spectrum. Working in breakout groups and representing their varied interests and beliefs, participants debate the implications of the Coercive Acts, passed by Parliament in response to the Boston Tea Party of 1773. Students will explore the different interpretations of representative government, the limits of various forms of protest, and the consequences of resisting arbitrary power in the months and years leading up to American independence.

Available on-site at Old South Meeting House, the very room where the Boston Tea Party began, Revolution Is Brewing offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the reasoning behind the American Revolution, while also addressing the Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks, US History I Content Standards, Topic 1.

Revolution Is Brewing was developed in partnership with the award-winning education game designers Gigantic Mechanic and an advisory committee of high school history and social studies teachers. Click here to learn more about Revolutionary Spaces’ development of this educational game.

Old South Meeting House Interior - Main Hall


Grades: 8 through 12+

Location: Old South Meeting House

Time: 90 minutes + time to explore museums (approximately 60 minutes)

Group Size: Up to 40 people. Larger groups can be accommodated with prior preparation. Please contact Revolutionary Spaces for more information.

Facilitator: Tea Is Brewing is facilitated by a dedicated and knowledgeable member of Revolutionary Spaces' Visitor Experience team.

Devices: Revolution Is Brewing is web browser-based and can be played on most laptops, phones, or tablets. Each player needs their own device. Devices are available for on-site visits only.

Revolution Is Brewing


- $10 per person ($150 minimum)

- One free adult chaperone per 10 students

- Includes FREE self-guided or guided tours of both historic sites and museums

- Add on a 90-minute tour of historic Boston for an additional $5 per student

- Our Education Room is available free of charge for group lunches and meetings for up to one-hour, with a $100 charge for every additional hour.

Virtual Revolution Is Brewing

Bring Revolution Is Brewing straight to your classroom! For those who cannot travel to Boston for an in-person experience, Revolutionary Spaces offers convenient and cost-effective facilitated and self-facilitated sessions.

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