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Two historic sites.
One revolutionary ticket.

Old State House and Old South Meeting House

Impassioned Destruction
New Exhibit at
the Old State House

Impassioned Destruction:
Politics, Vandalism, and the Boston Tea Party

American history like you've never seen it before!

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Old State House
Uncover the Past.
Inspire the Future.

Educational experiences for groups of all ages

Old State House
Heroic Figures
& Epic Stories

Discover the people, places, and moments
that started a revolution and built a nation

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The Heart of Boston’s Revolutionary Story

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Who We Are

Public History Like You’ve Never Seen it Before.

Formed in January 2020 through a merger between the Bostonian Society and Old South Association, Revolutionary Spaces tells the interwoven stories of two of Boston’s most iconic sites—the Old State House and Old South Meeting House.

Revolutionary Spaces brings people together to explore America’s struggle to create and sustain a free society. We steward these buildings as gathering spaces for the open exchange of ideas and the continuing practice of democracy, inspiring all who believe in the power of people to govern themselves.

The Revolution Starts Here

Old State House & Old South Meeting House

Constructed in 1713, the Old State House was the center of royal government in the Massachusetts Bay colony and the focal point for many of the Revolution’s most dramatic events. It was here that the Boston Massacre occurred in 1770.

Built in 1729, the Old South Meeting House was the largest building in colonial Boston and the site of the most stirring mass meetings that led to the American Revolution, including the gathering that led to the Boston Tea Party.

Today, these historic sites and museums—located just two blocks from each other in the heart of downtown Boston—provide thought-provoking exhibits, compelling tours, exciting educational offerings, and engaging public programs.


What We Do

21st Century Conversations in 18th Century Buildings.

Revolutionary Spaces is dedicated to creating experiences that deepen our understanding of the past, and provide a fresh perspective on the world we live in today. Whether you want to delve into Boston’s Revolutionary-era history or explore how lessons from the past can serve us moving forward, we offer educational and inspiring activities for all ages.