The Spirit of Revolution Lives On

Journey through two of the nation’s most significant 18th-century buildings and learn why they are still relevant today. Inside the Old State House and Old South Meeting House, you’ll find informative and thought-provoking exhibits featuring exciting historic treasures such as John Hancock’s red velvet coat, real tea from the Boston Tea Party, and arms and ammunition from Revolutionary War battles. All exhibits are included in the cost of admission.

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Exhibits at Old State House

Impassioned Destruction

Impassioned Destruction

When, if ever, do you believe it is justified to...

Colony to Commonwealth

See how Massachusetts and its residents played a pivotal role...

The Humble Petitioner exhibit in the Council Chamber at the Old State House

The Humble Petitioner

In Colonial America, those without the right to vote were...

Framing Mass Killings Exhibit Old State House

Framing Mass Killings

Explores the words we use to describe mass killings in...

Exhibits at Old South Meeting House

Voices of Protest Exhibit Old South Meeting House

Voices of Protest

Discover the compelling people who made a difference at Old...

Polly Sumner Doll Exhibit Conventional and Controversial Cargo Old South Meeting House

Polly Sumner Doll

View the Polly Sumner Doll and other goods that were...

Virtual Exhibits

Reflecting Attucks Exhibit

Reflecting Attucks

This virtual exhibit examines the memory of Crispus Attucks, who...

Imagining the Age of Phillis Exhibit

Imagining the Age of Phillis

Watch this short film series that brings a selection of...

Unfinished Business Film Series Exhibit Old State House

Unfinished Business

A three-part film series exploring the legacy of protest, representation,...