Virtual Revolution Is Brewing

Revolution in the Classroom


Bring Revolutionary Spaces' award-winning game, Revolution Is Brewing, straight to your classroom! This immersive educational experience was crafted with convenience in mind. Let your students take on the roles of British subjects across the political spectrum without leaving the comfort of the classroom or home. Revolution Is Brewing offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the reasoning behind the American Revolution, while also addressing the Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks, US History I Content Standards, Topic 1.


Facilitated Virtual Experience

Let Revolutionary Spaces’ expert Visitor Experience staff lead Revolution Is Brewing in your classroom. Available virtually from anywhere, up to 40 students can sign in to their own devices and experience our immersive educational program, debating the most pressing issues of 1774 without the cost of transportation!


  • $100 for one 75-minute session
  • $125 for two 45-minute sessions

Self-Facilitated Virtual Experience

Tech-savvy teachers can now conduct their own virtual Revolution Is Brewing session. Teachers will receive clear, concise facilitation directions from a member of our Visitor Experience team prior to hosting the game. Simply schedule your session and conduct your experience over one or two classes from anywhere in the world!


  • $25 per session
Revolution Is Brewing


Grades: 8 through 12+

Group Size: 12 to 40 people

Facilitator: Tea Is Brewing is facilitated by a dedicated and knowledgeable member of Revolutionary Spaces' Visitor Experience team.

Devices: Revolution Is Brewing is web browser-based and can be played on most laptops, phones, or tablets. Each player needs their own device. Devices are NOT available for virtual experiences.

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To schedule a virtual Revolution Is Brewing session, please click below. For more information, contact Education Coordinator Carina Ohlen at 617-720-1713 Ext. 340 or