Mission & Core Values

Open history. Enter democracy.

Old State House - Clock and Lion

Our Mission

Revolutionary Spaces brings people together to explore the American struggle to create and sustain a free society, singularly evoked by Boston’s Old South Meeting House and Old State House. We steward these buildings as gathering spaces for the open exchange of ideas and the continuing practice of democracy, inspiring all who believe in the power of people to govern themselves.

Our Core Values

We center our work on the following values:

Inclusion: We are dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and ensuring accessibility on multiple dimensions.

Relevance: We are dedicated to creatively linking lessons of the past with the interests and concerns of Boston’s diverse communities today.

Boldness of thought: We address challenging topics and promote understanding in response to controversy.

Engagement: We encourage people to engage, add their voices to today’s debates, and collaborate with others to discover new ways of thinking.

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