Boston Reconsidered

Boston Reconsidered

The story of revolution continues! See how the ideals of the Revolution influenced modern-day Boston and helped shape our nation, exploring 10 different downtown sites that range from can’t-miss landmarks to lesser known gems

Massacre & Memory

Massacre & Memory

This half-mile, 75-minute guided walking tour explores the event that forever altered the history of Boston and the American colonies. Learn about the circumstances that led to this deadly incident that came to be known as the Boston Massacre. Learn more.

Gallery Talks

Gallery Talks in the Main Hall

Gather at Old South Meeting House to explore the building’s history and how it was used during the American Revolution.

Gallery Talks

Gallery Talks in the Council Chamber

Guests are invited to convene in the Council Chamber at the Old State House as staff provide an overview of the Governor’s Council—the governing body that met and worked in the Chamber. Staff will also highlight important events and discussions that happened in this room, explore the important role of petitions in colonial society, and …

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Unfinished Business Film Series Exhibit Old State House

Unfinished Business

A three-part film series exploring the legacy of protest, representation, and revolution embodied in our historical sites.

Polly Sumner Doll Exhibit Conventional and Controversial Cargo Old South Meeting House

Polly Sumner Doll

View the Polly Sumner Doll and other goods that were on the infamous Boston Tea Party ships. On display now at the Old South Meeting House!

The Humble Petitioner exhibit in the Council Chamber at the Old State House

The Humble Petitioner

In Colonial America, those without the right to vote were forced to pursue other avenues to have their voices heard. Visit this exhibit in the Council Chamber at the Old State House.

Voices of Protest Exhibit Old South Meeting House

Voices of Protest

Discover the compelling people who made a difference at Old South Meeting House. Check out the Voices of Protest Exhibit today!