Revitalization of Old South Meeting House Entrance


Smith Family Foundation and Freedom Trail Foundation provide critical support in preparation of the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, November 18, 2022
Contact: Amanda Bertone
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BOSTON — Revolutionary Spaces has begun major work to restore the Washington Street entrance at Old South Meeting House. Led by Revolutionary Spaces’ Facilities & Preservation Department and generously supported in part by the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation and the Freedom Trail Foundation, this revitalization work precedes next year’s 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, when more than 5,000 Bostonians crowded into Old South Meeting House and joined in a fiery debate on the controversial tea tax. Today, the entrance from which they left is in disrepair and in need of restoration.

The project will entail the restoration of the plaster walls, painting of the staircase spindles and skirt board, restoration of three sets of double doors, and re-fabrication of the hinges. The current lighting will also be replaced with historically accurate lanterns. To complete this work, Revolutionary Spaces has engaged several museum artisans, including Old Sturbridge Village blacksmith Ethan Choiniere and North Bennet Street School Preservation Carpentry Program Director Steven O’Shaughnessy. The lanterns will be fabricated by Michael and Maria Peragine Krauss of Authentic Designs and plaster restoration will be conducted by Fabio Bardini of Florentine Renaissance Masonry.

In making the announcement, Revolutionary Spaces President & CEO Nat Sheidley said, “Old South Meeting House, where the Boston Tea Party began, stands as an inspiration to all who believe in the power of people to govern themselves, and we are proud that we can provide the expert care this national treasure deserves, particularly with next year’s anniversary just around the corner.”

Director of Facilities & Preservation Campbell Waterhouse added, “It is critical that we restore and preserve one of the most significant buildings in American history. It is important to us that we also maintain traditional building practices and materials used in the trades of masonry, joinery, and blacksmithing that were practiced when the Old South Meeting House was built almost 300 years ago.”

Completion of the restoration project is expected in mid-December. Old South Meeting House will remain open to the public and continue to operate at its regular schedule throughout construction. For additional information regarding this project, please contact


Revolutionary Spaces stewards the historic Old South Meeting House and Old State House as landmarks, museums, and gathering spaces for the open exchange of ideas and the continuing practice of democracy. Viewing history as a powerful tool for today, Revolutionary Spaces brings people together to explore the American struggle to create and sustain a free society.

About the Old State House: The 1713 Old State House served as the seat of government for the province of Massachusetts during the Revolutionary era. Today, it is a museum and historic site offering tours, exhibits, and public programs exploring Boston’s Revolutionary-era history.

About the Old South Meeting House: The 1729 Old South Meeting House was a Congregational church and the largest gathering place for popular politics in Revolutionary Boston. Today it is a busy museum, treasured landmark, and active center for civic dialogue and free expression.


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