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Group Visits

Museum@Home: Gallery Talk

Activity 1: Collection Activity 2: Exhibit Activity 3 ✮ Share your exhibit ✮ Time needed: 20-45 minutes Materials needed: Your exhibit, people to share it with LEARN: What is a museum gallery talk? In the second activity, you created an exhibit using your collection or objects in your house to tell a story or share […]

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Spy Quest

Museum@Home: Collection

Revolutionary Spaces presents: Museum@Home Three fun activities for anyone to create their very own museum at home. In celebration of Museum Week 2020, Revolutionary Spaces invites you to learn about the collections, exhibits, and gallery talks at our two historic sites and to create your very own museum at home. These three activities can be […]

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The roofline of the Old State House.

How the 18th Century (Actually) Responded to Illness

This post is written in response to “How the 18th Century Responded to Illness Before Netflix and Zoom,” published on April 6, 2020. Last week, we published a blog post describing how six prominent 18th-century Bostonians lived and dealt with illness in their lives. This piece drew on previous research for the “character cards” we […]

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Fighting for Equity

In Boston, Attucks’s legacy became a powerful tool for Black leaders facing white backlash against desegregation.

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Connection to Native Peoples

As a man of Native ancestry, Attucks would have had many reasons to resent both the colonists and the British.

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Patriot or Fool? Crispus Attucks and the Civil Rights Movement

As civil rights leaders argued for basic freedoms for African Americans as American citizens, Crispus Attucks became a symbol of the continuous contribution of blacks to the nation.  Many viewed his actions on that fateful day in March 1770 as a demonstration of the deep patriotism of blacks since the founding of this country, patriotism that African Americans still celebrate many years later.

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